S. O. S. A. development and organization of corporate structures

Our company operates in creating and managing entrepreneurial activities, real estate projects, financial assets and R&D.


2013…THE REDISCOVERY OF A WONDERFUL ISLAND…SARDINIA “This land does not resemble any other place. Sardinia is another thing: enchanting space around and distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It’s like freedom itself.”
D. H. Lawrence


LIVING IN SARDINIA …. WHERE? in Costa Smeralda, a heritage of incomparable beauty, the destination where we will be happy to help you discover your perfect home. Famous all over the world for its beautyful sandy beaches and its traditions …


PROPERTIES OF GREAT CHARME……among the Mediterranean scents and colors that illuminate the interior of a warm and relaxing atmosphere…


INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY the best solution for your business

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