S.O.S.A. vision of better future

improve the quality of people’s lives and the environment we live in through the timely introduction of meaningful technological innovations……the better way to predict future is thinking up it.


our mission
SOSA is an high-tech Company a dynamic reality operating in various areas of high technology Telemedicine, building industry in cooperation with the bio-architecture, new generation engineering, new technologies in telecommunications, security and photovoltaic systems are the sectors in which we are  working on highly innovative projects also increasing the know –how of our group members.


our Values
our success is based on deep and shared corporate values that have allowed us to grow in a competitive and complex marketplace, working with passion and competence…

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Yesterday                             our ideas…..our Future



from entrepreneurial experience in the field of construction machines and grinding tools, started in the early ’70s, and continued with the worldwide success until 2004, was born twenty years ago SOSA Ltd., with the acquisition of the engineering Molena SpA its story reveals how the development of the company has always been characterized by new ideas and evolution the experience gained in recent years, our important projects, the continued growth of this period of activity are consolidating our role.







Today                                  we invest in new Technologies








with the awareness of having a responsibility to future generations we will continue working to develop a better world for young people.